Below you will find an overview of all publications of the members of our division published at the University of Innsbruck.
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2020 − Present

Blain, S., Talamini, F., Fornoni, L., Bidet-Caulet, A., & Caclin, A. (2022).

Shared cognitive resources between memory and attention during sound-sequence encoding. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 84(3), 739-759.

Gerstgrasser, S., Vigl, J., & Zentner, M. (2022).

The role of listener features in musical emotion induction: The contributions of musical expertise, personality dispositions, and mood state. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts.

Ginzburg, J., Moulin, A., Fornoni, L., Talamini, F., Tillmann, B., & Caclin, A. (2022).

Development of auditory cognition in 5‐to 10‐year‐old children: Focus on musical and verbal short‐term memory. Developmental Science, 25(3), e13188.

Martini, M., Wasmeier, J. R., Talamini, F., Huber, S. E., & Sachse, P. (2022).

Wakeful resting and listening to music contrast their effects on verbal long-term memory in dependence on word concreteness. Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications, 7(1), 1-14.

Talamini, F., Eller, G., Vigl, J., & Zentner, M. (2022).

Musical emotions affect memory for emotional pictures. Scientific Reports, 12(1), 1-8.

Talamini, F., Blain, S., Ginzburg, J., Houix, O., Bouchet, P., Grassi, M., ... & Caclin, A. (2022).

Auditory and visual short-term memory: Influence of material type, contour, and musical expertise. Psychological Research, 86(2), 421-442.

Talamini, F., Vigl, J., Doerr, E., Grassi, M., & Carretti, B. (2022).

Auditory and visual mental imagery in musicians and non-musicians. Musicae Scientiae, 10298649211062724.

Vigl, J., Strauss, H., Talamini, F., & Zentner, M. (2022).

Relationship satisfaction in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic: A cross-national examination of situational, dispositional, and relationship factors. Plos one, 17(3), e0264511.

Vigl, J., Talamini, F., Strauss, H., & Zentner, M. (2022).

A Prospective Study of Relationship and Sexual Satisfaction During the First Year of the COVID‐19 Pandemic: The Role of Dispositional Vulnerabilities and External Stressors. Journal of Personality.

Zentner, M., & von Aufsess, C. (2022).

Is being gender nonconforming distressing? It depends where you live: gender equality across 15 nations predicts how much gender nonconformity is related to self-esteem. Psychological medicine, 52(10), 1857-1865.

Zentner, M., Biedermann, V., Taferner, C., da Cudan, H., Möhler, E., Strauß, H., & Sevecke, K. (2021).

Early Detection of Temperament Risk Factors: A Comparison of Clinically Referred and General Population Children. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 12, 942.

Zentner, M. (2021).

Social bonding and credible signaling hypotheses largely disregard the gap between animal vocalizations and human music. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 44.

Zentner, M. (2020).

Identifying child temperament risk factors from 2 to 8 years of age: validation of a brief temperament screening tool in the US, Europe, and China. European child & adolescent psychiatry, 29(5), 665-678.

2015 − 2019

Zentner, M. & Gingras, B. (2019).

The assessment of musical ability and its determinants.
In P. Rentfrow & D. J. Levitin, Foundations in Music Psychology: Theory and Research (pp. 641 – 684). MIT Press.

Zentner, M. (2018).

A sadness-independent account of the enjoyment of music-evoked sadness: Comment on” An integrative review of the enjoyment of sadness associated with music” by Tuomas Eerola et al. Physics of Life Reviews, 25, 144-146.

Bardi, A., & Zentner, M. (2017).

Grand challenges for personality and social psychology: Moving beyond the replication crisis. Frontiers in psychology, 8, 2068.

Zentner, M., & Strauss, H. (2017).

Assessing musical ability quickly and objectively: development and validation of the Short‐PROMS and the Mini-PROMS. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1400(1), 33-45.

Zentner, M., & Eagly, A. H. (2015).

A sociocultural framework for understanding partner preferences of women and men: Integration of concepts and evidence. European Review of Social Psychology, 26(1), 328-373.

Zentner, M. & Shiner, R (2015).

Fifty Years of Progress in Temperament Research: A Synthesis of Major Themes, Findings, and Challenges and a Look Forward. In Zentner, M., Shiner, R., Handbook of Temperament (pp. 673 – 700). New York: Guilford Press.

2010 − 2014

Zentner, M., Smolkina, M., & Venables, P. (2014).

Effects of measurement aggregation on predicting externalizing problems from preschool behaviour. British journal of developmental psychology, 32(4), 468-479.

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