Masters Thesis Supervision

Interested in writing your Masters thesis in the field of personality, music, or relationship psychology?

There is the possibility of writing your Masters thesis in our team, with Marcel Zentner, Francesca Talamini and Julia Vigl as main supervisors and Hannah Strau├č and Vivienne Biedermann as co-supervisors.

Please carefully read through the requirements below to find the right supervisor for your topic.

Specific Requirements of our Team Members

Supervision Process Overview


Reach out to our team members

When reaching out to our team members, please avoid general inquiries such as expressing a broad interest in the topics of our department. Instead, please be specific in the topic you are interested in and how you would like to investigate it


Synopsis of Masters Thesis

Once you have found a supervisor and defined your specific research question, you will be asked to write a synopsis for your Masters thesis (expos├ę). The synopsis should include a theoretical context for your research questions (avoid excessive theoretical elaboration of concepts), your hypotheses, methods and data analysis, as well as a rough time line. Typically, the synopsis is between 5 and 10 pages.


Masters Thesis Registration Form

Once your synopsis has been approved, you will need to complete the Masters Thesis Registration form and submit it to the Pr├╝fungsreferat. Additionally, you may also need to submit the form for the module Preparation of the Masters Thesis.


Submit Master thesis

When your Masters thesis is complete, please submit the following items to the “Pr├╝fungsreferat”:

  • the completed examination protocol (“Pr├╝fungsprotokoll”)
  • the form for submitting the Masters thesis (“Einreichung der Masterarbeit”)
  • the form for grading (“Beurteilung der Masterarbeit”)
  • the confirmation of registration of scientific work (Link)
  • a pdf version of the thesis
    • naming: matriculationNumber_lastName_MA.pdf



Register your defense

Once you have submitted your thesis, your supervisor will have to evaluate it. Once the grade has been submitted, the Pr├╝fungsreferat will send you the registration form for the defence.

At least 3 weeks before your defense and at least one month after you got your grade, please submit the form for the registration of the defense, which will also include the composition of the examination committee.



For the defense you will have the opportunity to schedule an individual appointment with the examination committee. The defense itself consists of a maximum 12-minute presentation, followed by questions from the committee.

Click here for more information on the
procedure of the oral final examinations (Masters degree in Psychology)

Ongoing Projects

Are you motivated to help us with our planned/ongoing studies? Check out if you would like to write your Masters thesis about one of these projects:

Context and Music Induced Emotions

Investiagor(s):   Julia Vigl
Topic overview: How much does context matter in musical emotion induction? Using VR technology, we could like to investigate the impact of different scenarios on emotions while listening to music.
Requirements:  Specific affinity and experience with VR technology

Temperament, Personality (Disorders) and Attachment in Young Adults

Investiagor(s): Vivienne Biedermann & Hannah Strau├č in collaboration with Manuela Gander
Topic overview: Adapting the Late Childhood Temperament Inventory (Biedermann & Zentner, in preparation) to the assessment of temperament in adolescents and validating it across an extensive test battery of personality and clinical outcomes based on a population sample of 14-18 year-olds.
Requirements: Strong interest in personality traits/temperament and personality disorders as well as attachment. Willingness to conduct one-on-one lab assessments (~3 hours each; including structured clinical interviews, standardized intelligence assessment, and taking hair samples). Access to a sample of adolescents is of advantage.
Time frame: Instructions for assessments are planned to take place in August/September 2023, data collection is planned to start in October 2023.