Here you will find further information on the research tools we have developed and how you can use them in your research.

PROMS - Profile of Music Perception Skills

Can musicality be measured objectively? With music's rising importance in neuroscience and psychology, we extensively studied this question and devised the PROMS, a novel test-battery capable of assessing a broad range of musical skills.

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GEMS - Geneva Emotional Music Scales

The GEMS is the first model and instrument specifically designed to capture the richness of musically evoked emotions.

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ICTI - Integrative Child Temperament Inventory

Neurogenetic, prenatal and postnatal factors forge a person's temperament, a neuroaffective disposition that affects outcomes from emotion regulation to alcohol abuse. Currently, the focus of our work is on the early diagnosis of temperament risk factors.

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EMMA Database

EMMA is a database containing information on the emotional effects of hundreds of music excerpts from different genres. The effects of the music excerpts were rated with a tool that was specifically devised to capture the richness of musically evoked emotions, the Geneva Emotion Music Scale (GEMS).

Our goal is to create a database that is fun and user-friendly to navigate, all while plenty of detail to the interested user.