ICTI - Integrative Child Temperament Inventory

The ICTI is an 30-item inventory that measures 5 child temperament dimensions for which a broad consensus now exists across theories:

  • Frustration
  • Behavioral Inhibition
  • Attention/Persistence
  • Activity Level
  • Sensory Sensitivity

The inventory can be used with children between two and eight years of age and is administered by qualified professionals working with children. The five individual scales are combined to form a temperament profile.

Zentner, M., & Ihrig, L. (2011). IKT: Inventar zur integrativen Erfassung des Kind-Temperaments; Manual. Huber. https://doi.org/10.1024/1661-4747/a000110

First released as a German language version, the more recent English language adaptation expands the range of application to the UK and US and also goes beyond the original in its emphasis on issues of interpretation, feedback and on ways to strengthen existing and novel forms of prevention, intervention and treatment.

Zentner, M., & Wang, F. (2013). ICTI. Integrative Child Temperament Inventory. Oxford: Hogrefe Ltd, UK.