Online assessment of musical ability in 10 minutes: Development and validation of the Micro-PROMS

A new article published in Behavior Research Methods describes the latest addition to the Profile of Music Perception Skills (PROMS).


We describe the development and validation of a test battery to assess musical ability that taps into a broad range of music perception skills and can be administered in 10 minutes or less. In Study 1, we derived four very brief versions from the Profile of Music Perception Skills (PROMS) and examined their properties in a sample of 280 participants. In Study 2 (N = 109), we administered the version retained from Study 1—termed Micro-PROMS—with the full-length PROMS, finding a short-to-long-form correlation of r = .72. In Study 3 (N = 198), we removed redundant trials and examined test–retest reliability as well as convergent, discriminant, and criterion validity. Results showed adequate internal consistency (omega = .73) and test–retest reliability (ICC = .83). Findings supported convergent validity of the Micro-PROMS (r = .59 with the MET, < .01) as well as discriminant validity with short-term and working memory (r ≲ .20). Criterion-related validity was evidenced by significant correlations of the Micro-PROMS with external indicators of musical proficiency (r = .37, ps < .01), and with Gold-MSI General Musical Sophistication (r = .51, p<.01). In virtue of its brevity, psychometric qualities, and suitability for online administration, the battery fills a gap in the tools available to objectively assess musical ability.

Strauss, H., Reiche, S., Dick, M., & Zentner, M. (2023). Online assessment of musical ability in 10 minutes: Development and validation of the Micro-PROMS. Behavior Research Methods.

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